Should I Contribute?

Parents can tell when their child is sick. For young children a lot of the time that turns out to be an ear infection. In order to tell if your child has an ear infection, a health care provider needs to look at your child’s ear drum to look for known signs of infection. Unfortunately this can be difficult to do, even for experienced physicians. In fact some studies suggest your doctor may be wrong 25% of the time. We think there is a better way.

We have put together diagrams and sample images of healthy and not-healthy ear drum. By comparing the appearance of your child’s ear drum to our resources we hope you can make more informed decisions on when to have your child seen by a doctor. As we collect images, we are also developing an tool to help doctors (and you at home) to automatically detect the health of individual ears.

Images and videos

In order to build our tool, we are asking people to submit high quality videos of ear drums. The best videos, should be taken around the time a healthcare provider provides an official diagnosis. This will give us confidence that the videos and images others can see are accurate representations of ear health. As we refine our tool, we are aiming to be better than your healthcare provider at an accurate ear assessment.

Not-verifiedA video submitted without direct examination by a healthcare provider
VerifiedThe recorded ear was examined within 24 hours by a healthcare provider
Gold StandardThe recorded ear had surgical exploration or culture taken within 24 hours


Each video only needs to contain the ear and ear drum. We do not require any personal information with the video. For more details in our privacy policy.