Endoscopes and accessories

To fully use our tools, you’ll need a home ear endoscope. These endoscopes are readily available online through numerous vendors. Below you will see some endoscopes that we have tried and worked for us – no single product is specifically endorsed . If you find an endoscope that works better, please let us know and we will add or replace one in the list!


Available from the otograph

For most children’s ears a 3.9mm endoscope may be the only size that works. We have selected a few products and put them together at this link. Some AMAZON merchants may offer overnight shipping.


These endoscopes are available from AMAZON.com


In order to safely and effectively use any otoscope, we recommend using an otoscope “tip”. These ear tips (or otoscope “speculums”) are sometimes included with the endoscope purchase and or be bought separately

Body humidity can fog up the endoscope. We find using anti-fog (defog) to be a useful help. For a proven safe home remedy use Johnson & Johnsons baby shampoo. Just a small dot of shampoo should do the trick! There are also small anti-fog kits that can be purchased online.


These anti-fog products are available from online retailers and our store